Re:  Request to Redistribute Software
Request Reference #:  S1R4026

Dear Edward Shockley:

The Permissions/Copyright Group acknowledges receipt of your request dated January 3, 2001.  Microsoft Corporation (hereafter "Microsoft") hereby grants you permission to redistribute Microsoft® MS-DOS® version 1.25 (hereafter "Software"), as indicated in your request, subject to the following conditions: 

1. A copy of your request dated January 3, 2001 must be attached to this permission letter for the permission to be valid. 

2. Microsoft requires this Software be made freely available. Specifically, you may only redistribute the Software on a not-for-profit basis.

3. You may redistribute the Software only for the specific purpose listed in your request.  Use for any other purpose will require a separate request.

4. Microsoft makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, for the Software you have requested.

5. You acknowledge that you are using Microsoft's copyrighted material and that any and all references to the Software will be properly attributed to Microsoft by placing the following notice at your download site: 

Microsoft® MS-DOS
® version 1.25 is copyrighted by Microsoft.  By way of permission the software is made available here for download but only for your personal, non-commercial use, and with the understanding that no warranties or support are included. Microsoft reserves the right to rescind the permission granted in this letter.  Your use of the Files shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the terms as outlined in this letter.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Microsoft Corporation
Permissions/Copyright Group (Law & Corporate Affairs)