1957 Chevrolet Turboglide Area

This site is intended to eventually feature historical and technical information on the Chevrolet Turboglide transmission of the Chevrolet of 1957. I figured there are plenty of vanilla sites on the classic 57 Chevrolet, so I decided to do something different.

I own a factory original 57 Chevy two door hardtop which has the Turboglide transmission option, 3:36 positraction option, power steering, radio delete, and heater delete along with some other goodies. I hope to be putting up pictures of the original restoration soon. But mostly I want to go thru this amazing engineering marvel - second only to Fuel Injection for 1957. Factoid: when it was announced the casing of the 1957 Turboglide was the largest die-cast aluminum part ever mass produced in the world!

For now though I would like to ask you to take a moment and read about some of the items I buy and collect.

Vintage Chevrolet new old stock (NOS) parts as well as literature, dealer service news and technical bulletins, service films, manuals, and LPs. I'm always buying genuine GM vintage NOS parts for 1957 Chevrolet. Mostly Turboglide transmission parts, but nearly any vintage NOS part from GM, AC, Harrison, Delco-Remy, Guide, Rochester, New Departure, Delco-Moraine, or Saginaw Steering are desireable. Write with what you have removing the "nospam" text from the email id first.

What is "vintage" NOS? Original design, non-date coded, parts in the earliest available packaging. The production design parts used by the factory and sold thru the dealers rather than later parts designed for service use sold only by dealers. Usually the part packaging is a good indicator of this, like black&gold GM packages , black&orange Delco-Remy and New Departure packages, black,red&white Saginaw Steering packages, blue&red AC packages and blue&white Delco-Moraine packages.

If you're looking to buy some NOS Turboglide parts yourself, write me, but remove the "nospam" text from the email id here. I sell NOS Turboglide parts on eBay at my store. Here is a preview:

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And here are some parts I am particularly looking for to buy at the moment:

GM 103322, 179841, 179843, 454944, 423345, 3745129, 3748989, 3748990, 273628, 3718911, 3746297, and 3746298. Would prefer NOS for all but would take good used on 3748989 (shift detent plate), 3748990 (steering ring), 454944, 423345, and 273628 (bolts).