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Commodore B128 historical and technical resources for the B128-80, B500, P500, CBM 128-80, CBM 256-80, 610, 620, 710, 715, 720 and all other B-Series computers

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A tribute and compendium of historical facts, archived firmware, archived software, and reference information on the Chicago B128 Users Group (CBUG) and the Commodore B-Series line of business computers (aka CBM-II) including the Commodore B128-80, Commodore 610, Commodore B256-80, Commodore 620, Commodore B500, Commodore P500, Commodore CBM 128-80, Commodore B700, Commodore 710, Commodore B715, Commodore 720, Commodore 730, and Commodore CBM 256-80 along with their native, CP/M-86 1.1, MS-DOS 1.25 software and peripherals as developed by Commodore Business Machines (CBM). The most common of which is the North American built Commodore B128 model.