Wanted Items

This section contains some items I am searching for, and would like to either add to my collection, utilize to enhance the information provided at this website, or to maintain a spare parts inventory for my collection. I would be willing to purchase hardware or software items outright, for literature either purchase of original materials or donations of copies would be desired. From time to time I sell and buy on eBay as well.


Looking for original North-American-marketed units. These will be either made in the USA or Japan, and have 117V 60Hz power supply requirements sold in the United States and Canada. Not interested in European variants of products, but spare parts are welcome from anywhere on the planet. ;-)

Spare parts for 8250 LP and SFD 1001 Diskette Drives

Matsushita JU-570 or JU-570-2 diskette (disk) drive unit (aka Panasonic), 901885-04 6530 RIOT IC, 251171 (not -02) head vibration protector. Dysan 206-30 alignment diskette.


Commodore B256-80 Computer

This computer, which would only have gone to Commodore internally and to software developers working with CBM, would be a North American version of the Commodore 620 (which I have personally seen and held a working prototype of so badged in a private collection). It would be a low-profile model looking externally the same as either the B128-80 or B500. It would have an official Commodore silver serial number sticker saying it was a B256-80 either on the backplane above the DatasetteTM port like the B500, or on the belly like the B128.



Only original Commodore logoed or branded versions of these items are desired. Only the North American marketing packages as marketed in the United States and Canada are desired. Not interested in European variants of these items.

Commodore Terminal V2.x

Looking for the original diskette, users’ manual, and software packaging/binder for this title for the B128. Would buy any of the mentioned items separately too. Must be original - no copies. Version 2.0 sold thru Protecto as "B-Term" in 1984-1986. Any 2.x version will suffice, though.



Only original Commodore logoed versions of these items are desired - printed in U.S. English as appropriate for marketing in North American markets (i.e., United States of America and Canada).


Commodore TechTopics

Looking for the original issue 7, 1985. One page computer summary regarding corrections to the service manual for the B128 computer.

Write me with what you have. drshock at insectria dot net

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